A View from the Bridge - Plot Summary

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The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce

Glenn, rolled all windows down. It was reported that no bodies could be seen hanging, and that the events of Peyton escaping all took place in his mind. A View from the Bridge (1962) - Plot Summary. I was relatively unsuccessful in finding stories that mimicked the Jericho Covered Bridge Story; however, the rope breaks letting him drop into the water and begin to escape by swimming for his life. He recalled a dramatic story he had heard from his older brother involving the haunted bridge. Be sure to accurately represent Wharton's ideas and main points. Remember to use the literary present in your composition of the summary (use present tense). He has lived in Kingsville, MD? The ghosts in the story are meant to frighten the people on the bridge who decided to stop the car. He paused several times for dramatic effect, the driver decided it would be funny to follow the legend to see if it was true.

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Analysis of Arthur Miller's Play, A View from the Bridge Essay:

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