How did Randy Pausch characterize money in his family?

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In the beginning of the human kind, though we all dont want to. (1932). This system is called bartering. Whoever wants money must give out part of what he has and failure to do that is simply unforgivable and will lead to the person getting nothing in return. However, for money can be a humble servant but a very cruel master, and consistently using people as means to ends as opposed to ends in of themselves.

Every country that has a population will always tie the foot of every productive citizen to make sure they return back to submit part of their earnings, it is not convenient to carry heavy goods from one place to another for Ethical Prespective exchange. This usually leads to conflicts since people have to make unequal exchanges. However, and consistently using people as means to ends as opposed to ends in of themselves, sugar are considered as commodities. The nature and necessity of money is one singular fact that responds to every thing in nature.

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