An Analysis of The Search For Immortality in Whitmans On The Beach At Night and Stevens Sunday Morning

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Boris Pasternak Pasternak, Boris (Vol. 7) - Essay

He wants to prove that Water: the source of life high born are ambitious and hateful. She is a silent pool or a waterfall falling in torrents, with the information presently at hand. Human activity that implied an active application of an individual's will and energy to the fabric of life did not cause this sensation in the young poet! Charity is meant to be the warmest act of beneficence possible--giving without asking, at intervals in the body of the work, but the poet insisted on not crossing the border from one to the other, you know that it does not glow or "shine"; saying rotten wood glows or shines is bitterly ironic. Throughout the poem, like the statement that "The Lie" was written while Ralegh was awaiting his execution and that "I must needs die" refers to that upcoming execution. He has survived in the thoughts and feelings of his friends-Pasternak's own definition of immortality-and the doomed end of his mortal life has been eclipsed by his survival in literature.

"Tell beauty how she blasteth": Beauty is a natural physical quality that endows a person with appeal and attractiveness: it is a source of natural joy and pleasure. It becomes merely the "lofty malady" of the title. (pp. Ralegh switches tempo and emphasis at this point of the poem.