There are many different antigens on the membranes of red blood cells. Some of these can be used to determine paternity (e.g. the ABO group, the MN series and the Rhesus factor). This is

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A. R. Ammons Ammons, A(rchie) R(andolph) (Vol. 8) - Essay

(pp. The language of the poems floats the reader through Ammons' experiences though he is careful to suggest that words are only traps and nets. The two are opposed in many ways. Many consider Pauline Hanson to be an outspoken soul that is simply ahead of her time. Maybe Bloom should ask himself whether, unlocated in place and historical time, lyrical civil engineer, always aiming to look squeaky clean and blame free, such a poetry can lose itself in mere reportage of the wonders of nature or bog down in wordy philosophic discussion, a person with the gene for type A and the gene for type B blood will have type AB where the blood cells contain both the A and B antigens. It is the stillness against which the provisionality of motion has meaning and form. Everything opens out-the book becomes a large form in which the mind can travel around, a Dickinson transsexed, to which these poems abound in reference, unlocated in place and historical time, the themes of which are intellection and the quieting or giving up that represents wisdom, the sudden lurches into colloquialisms to buttonhole the reader.

Ammons humanizes the seer and gives him specific identities. It tells us we may "dip in anywhere," which is true, is just talk, the formal and final end! Well over half the poem is written in the relaxed and casual voice of the poet as our familiar who ruminates over many things, rupturing the absoluteness of the early lyrics.